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Alice Chow Ballet was founded by Miss Alice Chow, a Royal Academy of Dance Registered Teacher, Certified Teacher of Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) and Russian Ballet International (RBA).

Established since 2013, Alice Chow Ballet has offers professional training in Classical Ballet for young dancers age 6 to 18. The school offers students the best possible training and maintain the highest standards of excellence in classical ballet, as well as providing opportunities to outstanding students by establishing dance scholarship to International ballet competition and summer schools. 

Students are carefully selected through a strict adherence to the selective entrance criteria ensures that our dancers receive a unique and invaluable start to their classical ballet training. Entry is offered to suitably facilitated and dedicated students ensure that the pursuit of excellence in classical ballet is highly appreciated.

A perfect place for the young one who inspired to become a ballerina, to learn and to work with our passionate teachers. Professional training program is offered to a team of competitive dancers and the opportunity to participate in International level competition.

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