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Applicants must be the age of 6-18 years old to be eligible to apply for an audition. Students are carefully selected through a strict adherence to the selective entrance criteria. Teachers evaluate students based on their ability to follow instructions, natural musicality, expression. Teachers do consider the student's posture & physical abilities during the assessment. We want to ensure that ballet training will be safe and healthy for our students. 



How Audition works?

The audition is a classical ballet class tailored to each age group. The class duration is between 60-90 minutes and includes a gentle warm-up. Applicants should expect to take part in a classical ballet class.


Applicants should not feel anxious about the content of the class or worried if they encounter steps or terminology they are unfamiliar with, but be prepared to participate. No applicant will be disadvantaged for not having previously learned steps or terminology and may ask the class teacher to explain and demonstrate anything they are unsure of.


The audition panel usually consists of our class teacher, Auditions Artistic Managers and members of the Artistic staff.

What to prepare?

Applicant must submit a headshot photo.

Mask is mandatory for student and their parent in the school premises.


Student are expected to be physically fit and ready. Student must dress appropriately in fitted top, leggings and socks. Hair must be neat and well-groomed. No jewelry, watches or accessories.

Please be aware that our school only permits one parent (no siblings) for the student age of 6 years old to enter the school. Please do not wait when lesson begins. 


Please arrive at the studio 15-20 minutes before your session. Our staff on duty will direct the student to the warm-up area. Late attendee will not be allowed to enter the classroom.


Greet your audition teacher and say "Thank you" after your session ended. Students are expected to be well behaved and pay attention in class.


Parent is not allowed to enter the classroom. Strictly no photography or video recording in the school premises.

At the end of the session, our staff on duty will direct the students to the exit when they are ready to be picked up. Please arrive on time to pick them up at the entrance downstairs.

What to expect?

Only successful candidates will be notified of their acceptance within 14 days after the audition. Unsuccessful candidates will not be contacted; thus, calls or texts will not be returned.

Audition Fee (Non-refundable)

RM 85.00

Audition Form

Your form has been submitted! A confirmation email and payment notification will be sent within 3 working days.

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