Little Ballerina | Pre Ballet | Graded Ballet | Advanced Ballet

Little Ballerina Class - Age 3-4

Pre Ballet & Primary Ballet - Age 5-7

RAD (UK) Graded Syllabus Examination

Graded Ballet - Age 8-12

RAD (UK) Graded Syllabus Examination, RAD Discovering Repertoire & Solo Performances Awards

Advanced Ballet - Age 13 & above

Intermediate Foundation - Advance 2

The comprehensive syllabus is designed precisely to allows learning progression to developed through each grades, adding on difficulties in classical techniques and artistry skills

The school is an RAD Approved Examination Venues and candidates are selected to attend RAD Graded Syllabus Examination each year. Throughout the years, the school achieves 100% passing marks with 100% Distinction in Solo Performances Awards and had more than 300 candidates attended the examination since 2013