Audition Form

Preparing for your Audition 


Entry is by audition only. One-time audition is available for booking at $50.00 MYR



1. Dress in tight outfit (fitted top, leggings & socks) and well-groomed hair. No jewelry, watches or accessories


2. Student must be physically ready

3. Please arrive at the studio 30 minutes early. Late attendee will not be allowed enter the classroom

4. Greet your audition teacher and say "Thank you" after your session ended

5. Pay attention in class and well behaved

6. Dance ability, ability to follow instructions, good posture and flexibility are the assessment aspects in audition

7. Strictly NO PHOTOGRAPHY OR VIDEO during audition due to privacy

8. (1) parent is allowed to stay at the waiting area. Siblings are not permitted to stay.

9. Parent is not allowed to enter the classroom

10. Audition can be view only with permission

11. Selected students or students who passed the audition will be notified within one week. No calls, messages or emails will be entertained on the results of the audition